In the early 90’s I was playing folk and country blues in folk venues in Illinois and Iowa, focusing on blues. Things were going pretty well until I noticed that I was having trouble with my right hand. I thought a little more practice would take care of it. The problem got a little worse so I practiced a little more. It seemed the more I practiced, the worse it got. Turns out that was the worst thing I could have done - I had developed focal dystonia. A neurological condition that originates in the sensorimotor cortex of the brain and that I had never heard of. It is often called musician’s dystonia and is incurable. It is very specific in the nerves that it affects so I could still hold a flat pick and play as before but could not finger pick at all. I love finger picking though so I was forced to do what other musicians with this condition do - I switched to left handed. This set me back about ten years. Now I use a flat pick right handed and finger pick left handed. I can’t play those cool, old country blues songs anymore but there are plenty of other nice finger style songs that I can do. Problem is I have to carry two guitars around now!